Today’s audiences are done with artificial, overblown presentations.

They crave speakers who are real.
Honest. Original. Sometimes quirky.
And at ease with themselves.
Even on Zoom.

These are the speakers I train.


Enhance your employees’ communication skills. My innovative approaches are interactive and fun!


One-on-one coaching is all about you: your own ideas, personality and projects.


I have lots to say (no surprise here). I’d love to share ideas at your next event!

How does anyone ever give a talk without you?

Stephanie P.

about me

Nancy Buffington


Communication has always been my thing. I taught college literature, writing and public speaking for more than twenty years, and worked in publishing before that. I’ve lived and worked coast to coast. I taught public speaking at Stanford before leaving academia and opening my coaching practice almost ten years ago.



Tell your story

  I apparently talked a lot when I was young. And sang a lot—long, nonsensical riffs my siblings still tease me about. A babysitter once offered me a gift if I’d just be quiet for ten minutes. I was a very happy, creative kid. I mean, it was Santa Fe in the late 1960s! I […]

Why perfect is a four-letter word

  I was six when I saw Mary Poppins for the first time. It was new, in the theater. I fidgeted on the flippy-up seat, peering through my wild early-60s hair, likely sporting my favorite purple tie-dyed T-shirt that came down to my knees. I took stock as Jane and Michael received their first come-uppance […]

What if salespeople were real?

  I might buy something from them–that’s what. And I just did. A new car, to be specific.   Short backstory: my teenaged son Gabe and I were rear-ended big-time while driving to Washington to see my older son, Jesse. Suffice it to say that it wasn’t our fault, that my car was totaled, and […]